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WWW 2025 - Call for Abstracts

Apply to speak at the 2025 Western Winter Workshop being held March 6th-9th, 2025 at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa, in Carlsbad, CA.  We are looking for dynamic speakers whose cutting-edge presentations will resonate across the industry.  Speaking spots are in high demand so please do not delay.  Abstracts are due August 16, 2024.

Questions?  Contact

Workshop Theme: 
Delivering Public Infrastructure Projects for a Brighter Tomorrow!  
2026 World Cup and 2028 Olympic Games are just around the corner!

Workshop Industries:
Aviation, Education, Healthcare, Ports, Transit/Transportation, Utilities, Water/Wastewater

Workshop Topics and Sub-topic examples:
1.    Planning, Measuring, and Delivering Infrastructure and Facilities based on Value (Return for Public Investment),

  • Revolutionary and Transformative solutions that inspire and improve project delivery success.
  • Incentivize Project Delivery by Rewarding for Earned Value (SPI>1.0)
  • Where is the investment most needed vs focused? (by Industry, by Initiative)
  • Priority-Based Budgeting
  • Delivering Projects with Predictable Results using Digital Rehearsals

2.    Challenges and Successes in Mega Programs and Projects (Vertical and Horizontal)

  • The Art of Implementation: What’s required for a successful implementation? (plan, do, repeat!)
  • Stories of Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Major Milestones
  • Multi-Owner project successes (and what was their collaboration organization/processes/platform like?)
  • Multi-Modal Infrastructure – Project Synchronicity… collaborating with concurrent projects’ stakeholders on complex projects
  • Technology trends that will help all mega Capital Programs collaborate for successful delivery of multi-owner/stakeholder and partnership endeavors.

3.    Shaping Modern Public Infrastructure and Buildings to be Lean, Clean, Green, and Inclusive

  • Architecting the next generation of Public Infrastructure to meet accelerating needs with less resources.
  • What are the social, economic, environmental impacts that mega projects are having on our society?
  • Going Clean and Green for Sustainability (LEED, WELL & RESET)
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) mainly focuses on the environmental impact and energy sustainability of buildings.
  • WELL Certification prioritizes people's health and wellness.
  • RESET certifies and prioritizes ongoing performance and long-term occupant health.

4.    Equitable Workforce Development to ensure infrastructure projects have the skilled talent pool needed.

  • Help grow or sustain the economy by building local market competitiveness for the next decade/century
  • Benefit local workers and businesses
  • Recruiting and developing younger “emerging” talent
  • Close the digital divide in underserved areas
  • Improve access to healthcare, education, and jobs
  • Support the development of an equity-driven telecommunications workforce

5.    New Design Standards for Improving Infrastructure and Building Resilience against political/environmental events

  • Storm Water Storage for Drought Resistance
  • Sourcing National/International resources for Rapid Response, Recovery and Restoration projects
  • New standards borne from responding to a crisis that will likely reoccur.
  • Inclusivity: Innovative integration of Cultural Artforms and Amenities into Architecture and Infrastructure

6.    Targeted Program/Project Controls Topics for Technical Breakout Sessions

  • Collaboration process and tools for “open book” Cost Estimate comparison (OPC vs ICE)
  • 5D Engineering (integrated Design, Schedule and Cost model during Project Planning and Engineering/Construction phase)
  • 5D Master Schedule (Level 3 activities linked to a GIS Map, and resource and cost-loaded)
  • 5D Asset Management (during Operations phase)

Western Winter Workshop


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